To Find the Insane (The Look into a Killers Mind): a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"To Find the Insane"
Where does the mind start to die?

Where does the mind start to unfold like a book of memories unwanted?

Where does it start to take shape?

Where does the mold break into pieces?

Every mind differs in every way, a plethora of labyrinth guided truths and falsehoods.

Where does ones reality become psychopathic fantasy?
Where does the change take its course within them?
Are they without any reality at all?

The path of one mind opens to you,
not able to see all the moves that betray your common sense of morality.

The challenge of carnage lies in front of you;
your mind will deceive you, and leave you flustered in a cluster of doubts.

What is your reality?

What is your fantasy?

Who is to say that the mentally insane are sick,
and not the ones who think they have it together?

Who treats those who treat the insane or are the insane treating them?

By John McKinley Pride Jr


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