The Fine Line between Madness (Bio Poem of a Detective): a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"The Fine Line between Madness"
The sight in my head will not leave my psyche.
All my dreams are meshed into long nightmares.

I have seen things that only morticians can stomach,
and pictures, pictures, thousands of pictures I have taken of things that only
animals are capable of doing.

Blood; I have seen my share of others blood my friend;
thanking God that it is not my own or my loved ones.

To sleep without waking, to somehow put a curtain over the wall of faces in my mind, would only mask the reason why I am here.

To come face to face with the monsters
is the hardest part to feel some kind of sanity,
while you are behind the looking glass
into their tirades and moments of complete dead silence.
Some how, I must tame the dark side inside myself from becoming like them.

It is what separates us from each other, that line, that fine thin line between madness and the cliff into our own burning hell.

By John McKinley Pride Jr


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