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This Heart Bleeds Forever By John McKinley Pride Jr.

My love poems have never been to strong or even well done but I wanted to take a shot at it again when a friend of mine asked for one for her book I gave it a shot and this is what I came up with I hope some one likes it. All my best and thanks to who ever takes the time to read it.

“This Heart Bleeds Forever”

This love bleeds from me.
This heart is forever home to you.

For you it is one;
Its chambers combined;
Veins entwined; wrapped up in you
I breathe you in never to exhale.

You fill my heart with fire.
You take away my fear.
You fill me with everlasting life.
You renew the youth within me.

You are my truth and my faith when I have nothing to say.
You pass through me re-rooting my soul with every touch of your hands.

I am never whole when you are missing from this puzzled life I live.
Stay close to me; be here with me in this moment for every heart beat within me says your name.
This heart bleeds forever and bleeds forever you.
By John McKinley Pride Jr.