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Frozen Lovers a poem By John M. Pride Jr.

"Frozen Lovers" The dreams of frozen lovers die. Hang from icicles that are thin at their and drip into a vapor their quick to disappear been held by a new lover to be exhaled again upon the skin of another. Cold seductive lips; that lie and lie again builds the icicles and drips into the sunlight returning to a spectrum of color and to the emptiness below into a lie that never ends. By John M. Pride Jr. © 10/12/14

The clock melts a poem By John M. Pride Jr.

"The clock melts" What seems to be on your mind all the time? What speaks to you to do what you do? The voices in your head don't carry out words into the air unless the words are too heavy to carry for you. The words are rich and vibrant and full of life and wisdom. How do they make the gears in your mind turn? When the world around you just seems to burn, time seems to be made out of cloth and that Cloth is made out of time. When all we can do; is think about how to spend our time we try to learn how to kill our time as well. Like the flame of the candle light flickers and sputters turns and burns to the wax like our skin has melted away. By John M. Pride Jr. © 10/12/14

Walking away a poem By John M. Pride Jr.

"Walking away" You have held my head to the chopping block for too many years. You have held your ax above your head. You waited for my last words I had none for you; until you dropped that heavy ax of burden upon me. Now you hold my head to the sky by the strands of my hair shouting out loud your own humble ways. Shouting out loud that you have one screaming like a heathen. Only to find that death is its own reward in this parade you built for yourself. By John M. Pride Jr. © 10/12/14 I know I have not posted in a long time but I hope to get it going again.