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The White Horse a poem By John M. Pride Jr.

"The white horse" The Whitehorse stood before me and he asked what do you stand for I told him I stood for honesty and truth he asked and what of love and peace where do these things fit into your life I said to him as long as I am honest with others; those who love me will never have to question my love and as long as I told the truth there will always be peace within me. By John M. Pride Jr. ©12/16/14

A dream hidden divine By John M. Pride Jr.

"A dream hidden divine" Dream stay hidden from the light of others eyes dreams are hidden from the defined eyes of those who do not believe dreams are meant to be yours dreams are meant to be built upon the clouds of a brainstorm Dreams to electrify the mind and thrust vision into the unknown dreams will burn out dream who fade away dreams must become reality if you want them to mend the way dreams cannot fix the path you walk upon unless you are willing to walk The path with a desire which molds the bricks of your heart The furnace within you must burn hot and bright to forge the sword cuts down those who do not believe in you getting the hard gain the trust gain the respect your shoulders will need to be broader to carry all of this Your dreams will strengthen your spirit so today's Star your path into the unknown and be not afraid of what lies behind the closed doors for life is built up of many closed doors and yet none of them are locked for you By John M. Prid…

Your eyes tell me the truth a poem By John M. Pride Jr.

"Your eyes tell me the truth" Waiting to take the youth waiting to taste a piece of the glory waiting to see if I can somehow get there if I can somehow taste it for the first time fed up with getting dirt kicked in my face Fed up with the silent treatment Fed up with the one word of cheek and tongue All I ask for is for others to look me in the eyes when they shake my hand all I ask for is for others to look me in the eyes when they talk to me Our eyes are our truths Our eyes are our fears Our eyes are our love Our eyes are our happiness I want to see what your eyes tell me By John M. Pride Jr. ©11/21/14