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Silent Violent: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"Silent Violent"

Silent violent course of destruction, your assumptions of knowing the end; what could be, would be, but not the course of knowledge and pain to the brain.

If not awake, then asleep to fallow clouds only to fall from the sky with wings on fire to fall in to ash; to hit the ground with soft thoughts in there heads.

You like the blank sights in your head it gives you time to think about nothing.

Fall in to the blank, fall in to this vermillion sky; the drugs won’t keep you high they will only bring you down embracing your frown.

Sing in your head your melody of silent violent; you brain dead fool sing your soul to sleep while your children cry and weep for the comfort of you to see them again in your arms and not under your feet.

By John M. Pride Jr.


Cutting the Lions Mane: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"Cutting the Lions Mane"

This throne of thorns how long have I sat here and bled torment that seems to never leave me.

I’ll pretend that I even care and walk away from it for a day only to seek it again for the love of a friend to find my way back tripping on a crack of hatefulness and jealousy that flows from those who try to take the heart out of every thing I do.

My heart is big and full of life scared maybe but strong; stitched back together by seeing the work of those who are selfish and full of them selves.

Oh, I wish I could bring the lion out of me some times but it always ends up been a cub of fear and the tears of a crocodile.

By John M. Pride Jr.

The Charm of Merlin (The Charm of Me) (Bio-Poem) : a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"The Charm of Merlin"
I am a dream to some
A nightmare to others

Even the greatest of writers cannot decide who I truly am, and if I told you myself, could you believe such a mad man as me? History cannot hold my greatness or tell you the truths of where I have been or who I have loved or what amazing things I have seen along my journeys.

So come; let me tell you who I truly am. I am like the dragon; I am everywhere at once and I am everything around you.

I am fiction and nonfiction, but who am I to you?

I warned kings of bad blood and wrong maidens to be; I tamed the dragon to breathe a bridge to mad love across a raging sea.

I was the son of a royal nun, the offspring of the Diafol.

I am angel and demon;
I am light and darkness.
The Wildman of the woods and the boy that charmed the white and red dragon,
Prophet of disasters to come, friend and tutor to a young king of a great land.

My only love trapped me in stone and left me to rot while the only one she loved took her life.