The Two Sides of Me: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"The Two Sides of Me"

An Ode to this day, not like any other;
But separate from so many before it, the
gliding rain turns to snow with out a
warning. The silent drips of dew fall into
the river were the leaves flow amongst the
ripples of the mirror image of this rising

A sword of my imagination lifts up from
the reflection of this woman dressed in
white that I once saw at a funeral for my
arrogance. It could be my death that she
is handing me or it could be my victory that
makes me whole again. Which fate is it that
I am reaching for? Shale I become king or
shale I drowned in my own pride.

Victory can be my demon or it can be my angle, which
shale it be asked my reflection. Humility
and my sanity could never hold the guilt
forever in my mind and heart; they would
throw me amongst the sword of humbleness.

By John McKinley Pride Jr.


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