Forgive the Forgotten: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

Word count: 152
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I’ve forgotten you, help me remember you, I have forgotten the past and the memories that I shared with you.

So please don’t forget me, I have forgotten the bad things you did, I have forgotten the tears of my yesteryears; they all belong to you.

What can I do?

When your so far away and I forget you; so tainted is our past with the spilled alcohol and drugs, the blood that runs so thick through our families veins runs through mine as well.

I was pushed away with my mouth taped shut like I had nothing to say.

I just wanted to run far away; now I’m grown and I've forgotten the past; along with the wounds; so I have forgotten, let our troubles go, go far down the drain of the past, lets forget all the hurt; between you and I.

By John McKinley Pride Jr.


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