Staircase of Forlorn Sunshine a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"Staircase of Forlorn Sunshine"
Push the button kill the man
Pull the trigger kill the man
Pull the string kill the man

That’s why I look up to you there’s no one left but you; so I look to you.
There’s no one here but you; all the lonely people passing by my stair way; all the forlorn people wishing for another day.

I don’t want to become some broken record on the turn table of life.
Out on the street I lye wanting to pick my self up off the ground wanting and only wanting what I can’t have because it has all gone away with time as its reaper.

That’s why I look up to you
That’s why I depend on you
I watch the sunset and then stare at the moon knowing there is a dark side there.
I watch the sun set but I talk to the moon.
There must be a reason why we are here
There must be a reason to have no fear to die a peaceful death to die in a beautiful way is all I want.

To live a happy life and say I am alright
I am not part of the forlorn and I am no longer a passer by the stare case you offer me
But I will take each step in awe; feeling the loneliness flee my body and now here I have found my answer.

By John M. Pride Jr.


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