Saga of Obscurity: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"Saga of Obscurity"

My love, you’re flying paste the moon and the stars, what’s there to fear but fear it’s self and what will be of you will be no more.

The stars shoot past you like rays of light, the moon shining like a sphere of dreams in this long awaited space of nothingness.

The stars like a swarm of fireflies in a jar of obscurity, knowing there is no safe place here, no shield of love or protection to seal tightly your thoughts of what this space really is to you.

Neither I, nor any one else can take it from you; it’s your own to keep and hold to cherish forever this space between you, between me, between every one and It’s become a saga of rimes.

You can’t leave this up to me, I could never bring you the sun light or the clouds of white that you so desire.

Do you think of me? Do you think of any one at all?

Your face so blank like a porcelain mask of still emotion; it’s a saga of shadows how you became like this.

I do not actually understand this space between us that never really was there in the first place; knowing that I was the one who put it here among us, now seeing that I was the reason for all the obscurity in are lives.

All is fading fast now and the unfortunate has happened; the space between us has fallen dark.

By John McKinley Pride Jr.


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