Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Glistening Through the Elongated Silhouettes of the Cemetery Trees: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

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Glistening sun light creeping through the silhouettes of these amazing elongated trees over the horizon of a day just born; every day seems to start the same; with a perfect sunrise that seems to be flawless to the human eye.

It will all get better is what we say when in awe of such a sight; these things are what keep us rational when we have gone awry.

Even the sunrise sooner or later becomes difficult to look upon when there seems to be more on the mind then invited.

Glistening sun light seeping through the silhouettes of these amazing elongated trees; reaching up further than I can see; melting like ceiling wax in to the clouds of a childes imagination of dragons that roar and make pirates shiver lowering there flags.

I wish I could see further than this; I wish I could see past the cemetery trees; past the darkened lines and blackened mood landscape.

I believe I will one day see past all this bleakness and straight in to the heavens past the coldness of this world; straight in to the heart of the sun; to see like a child again and know that there is something out there much bigger than I am.

By John M. Pride Jr

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