Honest John (Bio Style): a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"Honest John" (Bio Style)

Yes I some times speak the truth even though no one wants to hear it.
Some people say look there goes honest John;
I hope he keeps walking on.

Some say there is a young helpful chap he will help me in a snap; he’s not good with a map but he will keep you out of a trap.

Some clap there hands in joy after I speak, while others there hands turn in to fists and I wish I would not have said a peep.

Honest John I am, that’s the way I am; no sham, no scam and you get the real me for who I am.

My words short or long, sharp or sweet, rimed or disorganized, it’s all discreet I assure you of that a pat on the shoulder a tip of the cap is all I ask for like a treat.

Yes I some times speak out of turn but that’s because I know I am right; it some times gets others wanting to fight.

So lets agree to disagree and we can leave it at that and I can give you a charming wink of the eye a snap of the fingers with a cheesy smile and say see that’s how I handle that.

The last or the first word it truly is all the same to me I will get all of them beginning or end you will see.

I am who I am and that’s all that I am; I am honest John just talk to me and you will see you will want to hang me by the nearest tree.

But what’s the big deal when you can get all your answers for free directly from me.

By John McKinley Pride Jr.


Tuti said…
I really like this one!=)
Thank you so much Tuti it means a lot to hear encouraging words from some one in your field. The world is full of kids who need a good teacher I wish you the best in your works.

All my Best

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