The Ice Melts Away: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"The Ice Melts Away"

I didn’t know better, for what it was worth and the time it was worth more than your smile; that half a leer that you thought fooled a thousand did not fool the one in the crowed that believed your lies.

I assemble myself here I know your game the one you play to get your fame, the violin that sounds so sweet while its playing for the ones who love you so.

These ears hear nothing when you say the slightest thing; it’s so easy to break the ear drums of those who fallow you in to the dark.

The darkness hides nothing from the ones who carry a light in there heart; a light so big it burns a hole through the silky covered sky; ripples the clouds away and dries up the rain, the light comes through and picks me up, lifts me like a sun flower reaching for the warmth of the radiant sun.

Today your whispers of deviant disarray will fall upon deaf ears; they fall short from your cold lips in to the very air you breathe.

The words you used hang upon the fist that bloodies your face; there on the snowy ground were you lay, were I will leave you reaching out thinking you can fool me again.

No longer am I willing to walk on the thin ice you stumble upon dragging others behind you to there death.

No longer will I follow.

By John McKinley Pride Jr.


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