The Nothing: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"The Nothing"

The clouds have covered up my dead sun; the blue has gone away, but lingers some how within me.

Shaking, pacing waiting for the nothing to take what I can’t hide; inside sheep-like it wonders.

A cowered of what I could be, some how these clouds hide all of that and what could be me; all that I see is some how beyond the nothing that is trying to protrude it’s self with in the walls of my heart.

Looking with in its self it is quickly starting to die; finding my purpose I no longer hide from the nothing.

My sun comes alive with in me, bursts in to prism cutting diamonds; you have found me what will you do with me?

The nothing does not respond, standing up tall above the shadow which it hides and the nothing challenges me to give it my life.

The challenge is not there; this one time I will see it my way and this one time I will take back what is mine.

This one time I will fight to the death and this one time you will flee back to your darkness from which you came.

The nothing shows it’s self to me, the nothing shows his teeth, the nothing shows his claws.

Its blackness could over shadow the universe; but like a lone star in the night sky I burst in to radiance, in to a glow, in to a flame, in to a firestorm of courage.

This one time, this one lonely moment I will stand against you; when others have feared you; I will stand, I will stand my ground you will not shiver nor will you be moved but I will die no cowered of you.

Suicide, madness, cancer, and disease you will no longer bring me to my knees with my face soaked with tears deep with in my hands.

You have brought me to my end but I will bring you with me and I will descend again into the light with in me.

By John McKinley Pride Jr.


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