Desert Sands: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"Desert Sands"

I see the truth in your eyes
I see the truth and so I despise
Take me away and turn me blue
Uncovered is the deceit that lies with in you.

A flicker of hope did arise upon sight of your out stretched hands
Yet the smile has faded blown away like desert sands.

Your eyes turn red and you can see through me
The truth turns into a lie, the smile to disgust
I wonder who you are

Just blow me a kiss goodbye and do not miss, I know you will try to

You will turn away again
You will walk away again
And I will be left standing there again
In wonder of what is between to warm bodies
Knowing there is no chance for me
No love to receive but so much to give.

I have seen the truth in your eyes
I have seen something that despises me
I have become indigo in the uncovering of your deceit and the flicker of hope I once saw in your out stretched hands has been blown away by the desert sands.

By John M. Pride Jr.


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