So you’re a poet: a thought By John McKinley Pride Jr

Posted on poet Dec 29, 2010

So you’re a poet you say to all those around and they look at you and say well lets hear something then Mr. Poe. I am of course just kidding that never seems to happen to me for some reason after I tell some one that I have had poetry published or that I am a poet they always loose interest and just walk away with out a word to say; see I told you I was a poet. Anyhow it seems that in the resent years past there are more people becoming authors and poets more than ever before “why is this do you think?” well not to be a Debbie Downer but I really think that now more then ever before people are looking for the easy way out; hoping to make millions off the knowledge or wisdom they can bestow upon us in a leather bound book of hope to get on Oprah. I heard once in a movie “if she just farts on a book it makes millions” sorry for the potty humor but that’s what they said……… honest they said that.

So you might be asking well what the heck is his point; well my point is this you can’t just become an author or poet over night not every one can do this; I really think it takes a certain person. Number one someone that is not bland and boring or just trying to get shock value out of the system; I think that we, us and you as authors and poets have to have some kind of wit of course but I think the one thing that will separate the authors and poets from those who are just pleading for some type of attention to there egos is the solid fact that if we have a deep imagination and how we use it in our works. Now I am no one special I have no right to judge any ones work at all innless asked to of course is what I truly believe with all my heart.

I truly believe that if you eat some humble pie from time to time you will start to learn how to use your resources that are around you and look deeper into what you are trying to accomplish in your works. From music, Art and other authors we get our inspiration; how ever…when it comes to our imagination it is entirely up to us to hurdle all the road blocks ahead that await us so to hurdle those road blocks we need to be fast and ready to go the distance.

Willy Wonka - “We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams”

One of the best ways to describe an artist I think in what ever field of art you are in. So we need to stay real to our selves in our work be it a hobby or a life long passion to change the world. If you love it keep doing it, if it makes you happy keep doing it but if it becomes about greed and just trying to stay afloat then move on it was not for you. Poetry is like a woman she loves the fact that you surprise her with words that sway and move her, she loves it when your charm pours out and caresses her curves and all the lines that swerve towards curiosity of what will happen next.


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