Ant - Archy: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"Ant - Archy"

(I wrote this on a whim, a girlfriend of mine at the time bet me I could not make a poem about ants up off the top of my head over the phone to her so I got a pen and pad and this is what I came up with not that brilliant but just fun which is what poetry is about enjoying your self.)

They came in to my house six legs and all; taking over my yard they are rude is what my friends say coming over every day.

They carried my dog away, they carried my car away and my parents too I call this Ant-Archy you would too if it happened to you.

Why don’t they just leave me be, just go away ill even pay; I step on them but they just multiply.

There in my refrigerator, there in my closet I’ve just about lost it; my girl came over to help but they just carried her away too.

I’ve been attacked by Ant-Archy; I woke in the morning and in my cereal there they stood everywhere.

What can I do and were can I go?

Here I am surrounded by Ant-Archy; why can’t they just leave?

What in the world do they want with me?

I talked to the Queen trying to make peace; but they just picked me up and carried me away.

All the media acts like they don’t know where I went and the FBI sure knows what happened to me but they won’t believe a word of the herd of witnesses that saw the whole thing unfold.

Now off in a straightjacket I go to a soft padded room of white; why can’t they just believe me I was attacked by Ant-Archy.

By John McKinely Pride Jr.


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