Yesterday Is Today a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

I know a weakness, I know a fear, I know discouragement and I know a tear.

Hope waits at the door today; yet I lock it and turn away letting someone down today.

The more I run, the more I'm blinded by the light of day creeping up like yesterday.

The fear comes just like today, just one glimpse and I feel the need to look back.

My soul becomes unknown to me; I'm scorched like a rose in the sun, burn, burn, burn before yesterday.

So again I awake surrounded by the same light; the second chance in life to see yesterday as today.

My hand upon the door feeling the urge to open to see what has fallowed me; a pain or fear I can not see for I thought it was living inside me.

My heart in conflagration I want to know more as the door knob glows I poll away there is never a yesterday there is only today.

The windows to my soul there is none; I am blind with frustration and hostility with what fervor I have left in me is dried up like dead leaves in the fall.

I am strength and if you know me then you know no fear, I am encouragement and I will wipe away the tears.

I am the hope that waits at your door today and yesterday, my door is never locked and I will never turn away or let you down yesterday or today.

You can run as much as you like; we will meet sooner or later, in the middle or in the end and I know your soul I am your light.

I am your chance to see today as today to forget about yesterday it was just another day; open the door and never look back they are now gone all of your yesterdays have faded away.

By John McKinley Pride Jr/Matthew Ryan McKay


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