The Untouchable Creatures (A Look from a Psychologists’ Chair with a Killer): a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

"The Untouchable Creatures"
The mind.
A simple cage for some.
You can fill it with whatever creature you want.

What happens when that cage
is filled with something full of rage?

When the creature in that cage is teased, and when the creature in that cage
becomes not just a creature, do you dare open it?

Do you dare figure out how to tame it, and do you dare try to find what makes it tick?

What of your mind?

It is but a simple cage as well.

What happens when their cage is sat down next to yours?
Will the creature start to mimic the other? Will the creature become docile,
or will the creature in your cage go insane?

What are we to become in this world, full of aberrant nature that thrives off
sinful lifestyles of others?

It is true you cannot touch the untouchables, but however they can touch you ,
not only through the physical aspects of life, but through the sites that are thrown in your face on a daily measured scale, thrashing your mind in a blender of tormented visions, equaling to the very fear they feed off, thrive off and devour with a sick delight.

In this world, it takes all types; but, it only takes one to make that final decision
to pick the cage up and rattle it till the creature inside that cage is pushed
to the point of even killing itself.

Be careful on how you rattle the cage; it just might be your last.

By John McKinley Pride Jr


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