What happens when you become a block head?

Posted on PoetsPages.com as well on 1/6/11

Well first off I would like to say thank you to who ever reads my blog or even shows any interest in it. It is truly humbling and an honor to have any one looking at my work or even my blog; Thank you so much.

I’m in a bit of a slump right now with my poetry and need to have a piece done by Saturday for a friend of mine. So; I thought this would be a good thing to blog about since I’m sure we all go through these from time to time and maybe this might help me in the process so lets do this.

Ok you have this idea, well you kind of have this idea and well there went that idea and yep now that idea is completely gone forever some where in that forbidden zone called “The Writers Block” DUN-DUN-DDAAAAAA!! Staring, you guised it; YOU!

How many times have you been in a funk to where you just can not seem to kick the block head syndrome?

You try every thing and for some odd reason you cant get the creative juices flowing. We as writers tend to get in this zone for days, weeks, months, and God-forbid years. Some times there is just too much going on in our world to the extent of almost breaking us to give up what we love.

Sorry but this is a reality we must all endure together in all art forms. Searching, searching and searching for that one true way to break the bondage of this two ton monkey that ways on our backs slapping us on our heads making curled lip faces at us every time we look in the mirror.

Ok so how do you break this viscous curse?

Do you?

1. Read a favorite author
2. Listen to a type of music or a favorite CD, band or composer
3. Go to a random convenient store and dance around to songs by “The Knack" =0)
4. Go to a park, lake maybe camping and hiking using nature as your muse
5. Watching an old movie or maybe a new one “In to the Wild” not new but good
6. Or just sitting on your front or back porch listening to what is around you
7. Maybe spending time with family or friends
8. One of my favorites and its weird; sit in the dark out of site out of mind
9. Maybe pick up another type of art that is opposite of what you do; the more flexible we are in the arts, the less road blocks we come across I think.

Number 2 you won’t get innless if you have seen “Reality Bites”. So, these are just a couple of the ways I try to shape my block head back in to a poetic word force it needs to be in. Well I have shared with you some of my tricks to shake “The Writers Block” I would love to hear from you what is a couple of your favorite routines to getting back on track and gaining confidence back in what you love to do.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend.

John “Charmlessman”


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