The Drowning Tide: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

The tide will take me away, far out into the sea of all my problems.

Leaving me stranded like a man with one arm swimming in circles, I can’t find my way.

Lost in a labyrinth of liquid ready to submerge me in a deep darkness, only one last breath to breathe, the weight of the sea is crushing my soul.

It has finally taking its toll, swimming in sadness, lost in the unknown, powerless and defenseless against what I have known.

Sinking slowly; but surly; as time sneaks up and takes my will; it’s my life it will steal.

My heart is silent, my skin is pastel, my lips an arctic blue, and my eyes shut never to open again.

My body floating in perpetuity; my spirit free to soar to the sky, to live, not to die.

By John McKinley Pride Jr.


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