This Street Named Doubt: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

I look down the street and all I see is the

I'll run until I get there; I hope I
get there soon and I'll run to the end.

I'll pass up everything that is important; the
end that is were I'm running to until the end swallows me whole.

I know it is coming and I can never see it.

Yes; the end is where I would like to go and the end is
where I belong.

Drawling me near and keeping me panicked at the end.

At the end is where we all will go.

So, you say to me that I must face my fears and embrace
theme if I am to fear theme no longer.

To become my fears and know that I am stronger; to win this race and no longer walk amongst the fences of doubt that others have put
before me.

Yes, you ask me if I still have
my senses.

I tell you yes, because I know
where I am going in the end.

Way past this street named doubt that you have paved in front of me.

Way past the limits that you have branded me with.

Way past all those who have doubted who I could become.

Well I say let the doubters doubt and let me be who I am; because the road to happiness will be all mine in the end.

John McKinley Pride Jr.


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