What does it mean to be? a poem by John McKinley Pride Jr

“What does it mean to be?” All of us leaders but we can not find our own way to lead. We all become followers in our end; while others lead in conceit breaking out of the eggs of there own rebirth of self-indulgence. We bring all to the fire hoping no one gets burned as we walk away with out the very skin upon our own backs. We can never rekindle the rented promises of others that they keep so deep with in there pockets. Shadows are left behind and so are we; some choose to stand in the shadows. We are not the givers of them or the ones standing in them; we are the shadows we are the ones every one looks through and past. We are the complete after thoughts of an empty theater stage. Just humble sweepings on the floor of others stardom; who shine there selfish light in one direction. But we will be even a light in some one else’s eyes that we do not see. So I ask you; what does it mean to be? By John McKinley Pride Jr ©6/6/11


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