Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Devils and Death Have no Hold on My Dreams a Poem By John McKinley Pride Jr.

“The Devils and Death Have no Hold on My Dreams” If I could only share what lies with in me or what my imagination holds which grows within the seams of this crimson colored bag I carry. These are just the mere threads of something greater that could be; however they are chained down with in me. If I could look the devils in there eyes while setting down my cards; I would tell them to get into my bag of dreams so they cause no harm or make there contracts for others souls no more. If I could gather the devils to do as I say I would ask them to see the face of death and I would tell him to get into my bag of dreams so he no longer lingers over the beds of our loved ones who are sick. I could be gleeful knowing those who I love will never die or sale there souls for less than they are worth. We could cheat death and no longer be afraid of the dark when we close our eyes. As the seasons change turning all around me would I change my mind; Shirley there will be those who will ask me to let death go. By John M. Pride Jr ©1/10/13

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