Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bend the Bullet a Poem by John McKinley Pride Jr

“Bend the Bullet” There is this life you want You can’t seem to live it You can’t seem to walk it It leads you in circles leading you nowhere You try to bend the bullet Only to see that you must bite it They tell you that you’re no one special They tell you that they are happy you have a hobby Your no one to them at all; why care? The barrel to your chest and the doubters in your head The hurt drowns all of your hope Leaves you in your sinking failure every time Try to bend the bullet You can never succeed like this standing in the corner of others shadows on your tippy, tippy toes with the books of your past years with in your hands collecting the dust of the bones that others have thrown to you. Only to watch the devil add more books upon those as you procrastinate with your dreams. We must all bleed out our fears sooner or later Sometimes we must learn to except it; to read the writing on the wall and know that the end is near in what they know about you. What is there to fear in eternal peace? To know that you don’t care what others think of you To be comfortable in your own skin and not the synthetic Hollywood plastic There is this life you want You can’t seem to live it, you can’t seem to walk it So you try to bend the bullet only to find out you must bite it and take what comes to you in the end. By John McKinley Pride Jr ©4/11/12

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