Mercury Nine Times a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

“Mercury Nine Times” There is Mercury deep within my eyes Mercury falling from space feeling up this hallowed heart with little space The clouds cry tears of joy down upon my face Mercury all over the place No longer does this emptiness haunt me That once was behind this desolate face of mine Feeling so young then growing old as if time hated me Behind this face of mine I have seen many a set of eyes from up close Very little of them held eyes so green as yours I have many memories of you and your green eyes It seems to be some times the only thing that keeps me awake at night The only thing on my mind that keeps me wondering about the faces I have seen before Nine seems to be a small number of times that I have dreamed of you You are here though with in me, all around me, I feel you against my skin You have filled the empty space behind this face made of wax You drain the mercury from within me You make me smile once again Like I always have dreamed If you could just kiss me again all could make up for all the pain I will never forget your eyes or the way our lips touched for the first time By John McKinley Pride Jr ©7/22/95’


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