If You're Head Should Explode: a spoken word poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

A new spoken word poem I have up at my youtube acount come let me know what you think

"If You're Head Should Explode"

For these are the days we see,

in blue white lights of tattered silver steeds and dead men

Upon the sea,

across this desert night this fire burns for you;

yet you can not hear the flames of my lust rising.

Take forth your own youth and your own broken
heart and let it lie still

for what you know of love will never reach you.

Still the clouds may stay in your eyes,

like a painting in Mozart's dreams of old times,

they have shattered as I dream of new blood
like youth lost in the pictures of our past.

Gray has become a friend of mine and a two
wheeled steed glides me to my place of rest.

John McKinley Pride Jr.


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