The Chambers: a spoken word poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

This is one of my poems put to spoken word please let me know what you think and thanks so much.

“The Chambers”

To be empty is one thing
To feel empty is on going
What can fill this emptiness?

If anything; I have learned nothing can
Everything is but filler
Everything is like a mask
To hide the truth; what we could become is just faded with
Every aged year that cripples us.

Youth is wasted on the youth
Who do not relies that there time is now

The heart constantly changes and divides into chambers

Splits in two and is nothing like the brain

It some how forgets wrongs to where the brain will not let you forget
Will not let you forget what you are

To stay I this mind bog of unforgiving let downs
Where do you put this emptiness?
You can not put it anywhere
It stays empty
It stays an abyss of loneliness
Trying to keep your head afloat
While others float on

Has it grabbed your attention yet?
Have you seen what avoids the eye of the living?

What lights the dark hallways and darkens the corners?

What floats through you and gives you chills?

I have seen light and I have seen dark
Maybe so dark it clouds the mind of who I am

It clouds the past and what is in front of me
It all becomes a blur

Some a tremendous trifecta of wisdom that spews from those with god-syndromes
That act like they have the world on there shoulders and that every word is something that is a gift to the willing ear that will listen.
My knees bleed from groveling for notoriety
Of just one kind

For just one star to shine for me
Not for the world to stop

But keep spinning knowing that I do care for all and not just for me

By John McKinley Pride Jr


Wow! John this poem is so well written from beginning to end and makes a big statement that opens so many doors in pondering on the words you have written.

Thank you so much Patti I hope you are doing well.

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