I Feel Nothing but the Tears Fall: a spoken word poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

A Spoken Word Poem up and going; You can find me on youtube under the name "riverboatsong"

“I Feel Nothing but Tears Fall”

Darkened Hurst
I know where you are going
I know where you have been
I know what you carry and I thank God that I am not them

Your window dark as night
Chrome shiny and bright
Rolling along the street
What a blight sight

I fight back the tears but it’s just no use
Like a fuse inside my heart has burnt out
These feelings will not flee me
These feelings I must not refuse
These feelings I must never lose

It is not you I fear or your black glossy coat I see my self in
It is not your friend death that drives you or the reaper that fallows close behind you

It’s the widow I feel for
It’s the mother and father I feel for
It’s the sons and daughters I feel for

I do not fear you or the day my empty body is laid abroad in you.

By John McKinley Pride Jr


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