A Moment Lost but not Forgotten: a spoken word poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

Art Work "Jean Genie" By John McKinley Pride Jr

"A Moment Lost but not Forgotten"

There are silent words that pass from each glance back and forth;
a second look, a third to see if it is real and not just a mistaking graze upon the very tips of your hormones.

Right there, right then and there you realize it is not a mistake; that the very thing you hoped for was true and there been not just a glance but like windows open for a peeping tom you stare into each other seeing a second, seeing a moment and seeing an infinitesimally of lust.

Then some where in the back ground a glass drops to the floor crashing, breaking the strong hold upon the eyes.

The moment lost, never talked about, never shared and never acted out again; just a glance that never leaves the memory.

Just an amazing moment that is frozen in time wondering the outskirts of the mind and never leaving the dreams that now destroy your sleep.

You think to your self if I could just get one more chance to gaze; just a glance, just one final innocent moment to not forget.

By John M. Pride Jr


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