When the Sun Explodes: a poem by John McKinley Pride Jr

(I got the idea for this poem from my oldest son, this was just some of the many questions he was asking me. To think all this from watching one TV show about how the sun will someday explode and will it.)

"When the Sun Explodes"

will I be there when the sun explodes?

Will I see the sun unfold?

will I see scattering rays of white and yellow?

Will I watch it unfold into prisms of gold and amazing colors?

This surely will be a most beautiful death in my mind.

I think there will be no time for pain or suffering.

just a solid brazing light to take us away; when the sun explodes will we hear?

Will we hear anything at all?

will the planets act like dominoes and fall into one another?

Will I be there when the sun explodes?

By John McKinley Pride Jr


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