knives and tire tracks: a poem by John McKinley Pride Jr

"knives and tire tracks"

I want to give my violence a face

I want to look inside my heart for the lion

I want to give my violence volume and fill up the space where my spine is missing

I want to give my violence balance and out weigh my fears

sometimes my violence puts me in a trance tired of standing on the fence

I sleep in a fighters stance with my back to the wall

don't give those around you the chance to put the knives any deeper

don't let them twist their blades and run you through

stand up and be you

true we all fall short and it does not mean we just lay down and die

It does not mean we go down without fighting

I know I will die trying to keep the undertaker's hammer away from the nails

don't be the one who puts me in the ground or I will come back and hunt you down

not even six feet of ground can keep me down

by John McKinley Pride Jr


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