Ramming Stone: a poem by John McKinley Pride Jr

(Yes I put this poem together while listening to RAMMSTEIN, I do not always do creepy poems like this but at times I try to switch things up a bit, so sorry for being creepy in this one.)

"Ramming Stone"

The clash of metal

Fire red inferno

The low growl and moan; a hunger unknown

In the bellowing gut of a call so deep it turns men into sheep herds them to their death seventy at a time.

Seep, seep, seep, into your mind you will fall asleep in time.

An earwig fluttering in your head

You will fall from your scarlet sky

Crash into flames never knowing why

What went wrong?

Did you hear your mother whisper to you why she abandoned you?

What went wrong?

What went wrong?

why so sad?

Why so serious?

I want this to go away; I want this to be removed from my head with a knife even if it bleeds me dry.

What's wrong children did you hear the truth for the first time?

Did it land you down in a bed of gravel?

Did it rub you raw till you felt no more?

The clash of metal, fire fed inferno

A growl and a moan, the hunger unknown

You fill it in your gut and it calls deep within you

You heard the sheep to their slaughter seventy at a time

Sleep, sleep, sleep in your glass house mind

You have finally awakened and earwig dies

Changing the colors of your sky

You become the flames that were hiding in you

what went wrong?

Did you hear the world whisper to you while it abandoned you.

What truth is wrong?

What truth is never wrong?

I want this to come back; I want this to be placed back into my head even if it takes seventy thousand stitches and bleeds me dry.

what's wrong children did you hear the lie for the first time?

Did it make you cry to hear the truth?

Did they lay you down in a bed of roses till the thorns rubbed you raw,till you felt no more leaving your hearts sore for evermore.

By John McKinley Pride Jr


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