Wednesday, February 29, 2012

“If I should lose my cool” a Poem By John McKinley Pride Jr.

“If I should lose my cool”

Should I explode please just stand clear
Should I explode please do not fear
Should I explode let me explain once the smoke has cleared.
Should I explode please keep in mind; I don’t act like this all the time.
My fuse is a mile longer than most and my skin is like leather.
Words are like water on a ducks back to me till the drips become more like tidal waves.

So, should I explode relies it will be a short burst of reality to those around me that there is a life in me.
There is a burning in me
There are no ashes in me
I will always rise to the occasion
My friendship as faithful as a dogs just don’t step on my tail.

By John McKinley Pride Jr

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