Between Worlds: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

Flash forward and come back to your self
The time with in the numbers in your hands

To choose and pluck destinations unknown
Love has grown and love has been lost
Between the hands of certainty
Death fallows behind step for step through the doors of secrecy

Time stands motionless

Time fly’s by

Time is yours beyond all time

Doorways open and close
Close and then open
Victorian dreams at there end
To see the overly morel world that has long past
Truly this is were it all begins

Begins this story
Begins this wonder
Begins the clocks of time
So the pendulum swings more then once
And the bells are ringing loud in your ears

Which door will be your last and where do you start over from here?
Between love you must stay
Between death you must run
Between time you must push on
Between these worlds you do not know
Between worlds you must go
Between worlds you must stay
Become times clay it molds you in its own way

Choose you must; you will find that time was all yours to hold, spin and mold. The hour glass it forced upon you will be filled with the infinity of sand between these worlds that have become yours.

By John McKinley Pride Jr


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