The Day the Sea Swallowed the Sun: a poem By John McKinley Pride Jr

I stood and watched as the sea swallowed the sun.

My spirit sunk deep into sorrow.

My bones felt light and hallow, my eyes weeping in pure sadness.

My mouth was open in awe.

Defenseless I felt clenching the skin of my arms in torment hoping to see the sun rise again.

All I could do was stand there; all I could do was watch.
I could not scream out for at the moment my voice was lost.

I felt frozen in time for that moment of what felt like an eternity in someone else’s nightmare.

I told myself to turn away but I could not; there was a hope in me that it would all be just an illusion.

My mind was lost in the moment and not able to grasp the reality of what I was seeing.

I thought to myself in disbelief, “Was this possible?”

The sea creeping up across the sun diming its shimmering light,

Diming its hope,

Diming its love,

Diming its life,

Taking precious souls into its depths of unknown blackness, swelling and growing like a diseased madness.

The sun bare with nothing left, leaving the bold in a fold of heartache and pain.

All that remains is the broken who search for their strength to push on again.

By John McKinley Pride Jr
4/14/11 (This was a poem dedicated to the people of Japan who suffered a great loss in the powerful flood they had to endure. All my Love to you Japan you are always in my thoughts God Bless you)


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